Our Mission

Our Mission: Balance

Nearly everything in life depends on balance. Juggling work, school, home and hobbies without compromising one’s health is oftentimes an impossible feat due to the constant flux in the world we live in. Because what happens when we’re faced with all that life throws at us on a daily basis, and it feels as though you’re in a batting cage and the automatic ball thrower is on high speed? Fight or flight. The adrenalin starts racing, the hearts starts pumping, and our stressors go into overdrive. When our body’s balance is disrupted, and it cannot be relieved or restored through our chosen coping mechanism (exercise, meditation, etc.), our health declines or is compromised in some way. Headaches, stomach ailments, women’s issues, strange rashes and a myriad of other problems may ensue.

The answer to maintaining your health? Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep, drink plenty of water, exercise consistently, eat a balanced diet and avoid stress. But, we get it. Sometimes life doesn’t allow you to sleep four hours a night, much less be able to start the day with a nutritious breakfast. Probiotics can help our bodies return to a balanced state of good health by the introduction of good bacteria. Soil-based probiotics, like Prescript-Assist, have been proven to work in studies, but more importantly, in our own family.

By all means, continue to strive for balance in your life by maintaining your health with good sleep, good food, great friends, plenty of sunshine, and exercise. Stress is pretty unavoidable in our busy lives, but figure out your coping mechanism, and stick to it! On top of it, take your probiotics for added measure to ensure you’re taking care of number one. Our mission is to help you maintain a happy balance by providing proven supplements that work!

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