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What are Soil-based Probiotics?

· With so many competing brands of probiotics on the market, it can be extremely hard to know which particular probiotic is our best option. Soil Based Organisms (SBOs) like Prescript-Assist are the latest step forward in scientific thinking, and they differ significantly from traditional lactic acid-based supplements.

· The theory behind Soil Based Organisms is pretty simple. Until a few generations ago, we viewed food hygiene very differently. Most of the vegetables and fruit that we ate would have come straight from the field or tree, with no processing at all. Our ancestors regularly ate small amounts of dirt along with their food, and the bacteria in that soil formed the basis of their gut flora. Fast forward to modern times and we get our

foods from supermarkets, where they have been cleaned, disinfected, processed and packaged. This means that we get much less exposure to the microorganisms living in the soil.

· Why does this matter? It is important because it has led to a fundamental change in our gut flora, and possibly our overall health too. The bacteria contained in that soil and dirt have historically performed the crucial function of regulating our immune systems, protecting us from bacterial and fungal overgrowth in our intestines. · Soil Based Organisms like Prescript-Assist aim to return our gut flora to the way they used to be. By reintroducing 29 strains of the soil-based bacteria that we currently lack, Prescript-Assist helps to bolster our immune system, improve digestion and restore balance to our gut flora. It’s important to note that soil-based probiotics generally have a much lower bacteria count, as they are much more resilient and survive the journey to your gut much more easily.

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